10 yr old Cardiff boy’s new home adaptations increase his independence

May 29, 2024

Riley Jones, 10 years old, suffers from a rare form of polio. A collaboration between Tirion, Lovell and Cadwyn Housing Association, enabled his home to be adapted to suit his needs and provide him with the opportunity to live more independently as he gets older.

Riley, lives with his father at The Mill in Cardiff and the works, which included constructing a driveway to ensure safe access into and out of the house, transforming their traditional bathroom into a wet room and ensuring that the garden was accessible all year round through removing any unlevel surfaces, provides Riley with a safe space that he can enjoy. In total, the work cost in excess of £17,500.

At 18 months old, Riley went to bed like any normal toddler, but woke up unable to walk. He had contracted a virus called Entrovirus D68 which paralysed his left leg. Today, he continues to experience weakness in the leg, due to bone and muscle wastage. His spine is curved due to his very poor gait and standing balance; Riley falls at the slightest bump or knock, or on uneven ground, he broke his hip while enjoying soft play last year.

Paul Jones, Riley’s father, said of the adaptation, “We want to say a huge thank you to Lovell, their contractors and Tirion for all of the support that they have given Riley. It means that he can move more freely around our home, which gives him a chance to live more independently as he gets older.

“We are so grateful to everyone involved, it really has made such a difference and as Riley’s dad, all I want is for him to be happy and healthy, which starts at home.”

Watch how the adaptations were constructed here: https://youtu.be/lZb9GIxowGo

The bathroom adaptation was undertaken by Services360 and Craftsman Flooring. The flooring and mobility support installed gives Riley the freedom to use the space without help.

Mark Howells, group housing director for Tirion commented, “We are honoured to be helping Riley to live more independently at home with his father and to be able to support the adaptations that have been delivered through Lovell and their contractors.”

The garden adaptation was delivered by WDL contracting and John Phillips Contractors and saw their team ensure that Riley’s outdoor space is a safe area that is level, with access ramps, allowing him to be able to enjoy the entirety of his home.

Gemma Clissett, regional partnerships director at Lovell, added, “We are so pleased that the adaptations to Riley’s home have been completed, and through our strong partnerships with Tirion, Cadwyn and our supply chain partners, we are able to help Riley live more independently.

“We hope that Riley and Luke find their new home to be beneficial for years to come.”

The Mill Living is based at the former paper manufacturing site and is being transformed into a thriving community of 800 homes. Lovell have completed more than 280 homes for Tirion, and a further 158 completing this spring.

For more information about The Mill Living, visit www.themill-living.co.uk