The business model has evolved since the first development company (Ely Bridge Development Company Ltd) was established in 2012. The current model is as follows:

Tirion Group Limited is the Charitable Community Benefits Society parent of the group

Not-for-profit development companies (EBDC Ltd, WDC Ltd and PEDC Ltd – collectively known as Tirion Developments) are established for each project

The development companies sell the completed units to TGL until such time as the long term institutional funder can be secured

At the point TGL secures terms with the long term institutional funder, for long term debt, the units are then transferred to Tirion Investments Ltd where the assets are held for the longer term of the senior debt

TIL either appoints a partner to manage the completed units or manages them directly (through a Group company)

Surpluses can be gift aided to TGL to invest in future projects